Instructional Video

For this particular assignment I was challenged to create an instructional video for a grade level and subject matter of my choice. I worked with Holly Kramer, and we decided to make a video for second grade health class. We covered standard number six which outlines goal making. In this standard second graders are taught about how to make goals, and how goal making can help us achieve important health and fitness goals. Holly and I created a script and a plan to execute the video, met at Mira Costa College to film the video, and each edited our own videos using iMovie.

Check out our Process here:

Check out our video here:

Quiz yourself here:

This assignment really embodied the ISTE standard of “Designing and Developing Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments”. We had to make a completely digital instructional video from start to finish using technology that was relatively new to us. In addition, the quiz we made on Google Forms taught me one way in which I can assess future students in a digital way. This ISTE standard is so important because it holds teachers accountable for keeping up with the times and with technology to give their students the best learning experience possible, and to prepare them for the future. This assignment also achieved the ISTE standard of “Modeling Digital Age Work and Learning” because we had to collaborate with peers to use digital tools and resources to make a video for potential students. We learned how everyday, free resources, like iMovie and Youtube can be used in an educational setting to inspire student learning in a creative and digital way.


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