9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

It is really important that both students and teachers are aware of and follow these regulations for digital  citizenship. By becoming knowledgeable about these topics, students can be prepared to have success in the technological era that we are all currently apart of. As teachers, our main job is to set our students up for success, this is one way to do that. View my prezi poster below!

9 Element Poster


3 thoughts on “9 Elements of Digital Citizenship”

  1. Hello Ashley,

    I like your use of Prezzi. I have not had much experience with that tech tool. I like the consistency of your presentation. It looks very sharp and professional. I would suggest limiting the amount of words you have on some screens. It can seem a bit overwhelming and overstimulating for your reader. I like how you embedded some of the videos within your presentation. That is very cool looking. Enjoy having no class tonight.

    Thank you
    Thomas Lloyd.


  2. Hey Ashley,
    Thanks for sharing your presentation! I liked the how you can browse through each slide with Prezi. I would suggest letting us know who your target audience is, it would help understand your point of view a little better. I also like the visual aides you had on your slides.

    Kelsey Peltzer


  3. Hey Ashley,

    Great job on your presentation, I liked your layout of your slides and the way your organized your information. I might recommend editing the URL on your blog post so that your presentation opens in a new tab or window. This makes it easier on the reader to navigate. I thought the way you organized your presentation was very cool and creative.

    – Colin Hagan


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