Connected Educator

Last Monday night I used Twitter for the first time, and it was a live chat (prior to Monday I didn’t even know what a live chat was)! To be honest, at first I was a little overwhelmed by the whole thing. I was very concerned I was going to miss a question of response and get behind. After getting the hang of it though I actually enjoyed it. I found that I had a hard time staying within the character limits, so I had to throw grammatical correctness out the door a couple of times. Additionally, if it took me too long to write my response I would have a lot of catching up to do in the chat. Despite the difficulties I faced during my first Twitter chat, I did have fun reading all of my peers responses and getting ideas from them. I think that is one way to use Twitter for life long learning. If I am able to stay connected with other teachers on Twitter, I will be able to keep using them as resources. Additionally I think live chats are a great way to collaborate with a lot of different people at the same time and brainstorm with one another.

It was fun to connect with my classmates through social media and to learn about them through their blog bios. I also really enjoyed reading the comments that were left on my first blog post! Everyone in this class has the same endeavor of becoming a teacher. By connecting with each other now we can keep in touch and have each other as resources in the future no matter what subject or where we end up teaching. I connected with four people from this class:

This assignment was really good for the 4th ISTE standard about online citizenship. It has helped us build our social network and learn more about how to behave and participate in online discussions through Twitter, blogs and even linked in!


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